Autumn deliveries are to be paid for in full at the time of ordering. For spring deliveries, over the value of £300, we offer a deposit and payment scheme. We ask for 30% deposit to confirm the order and a balance due no later than 31st January 2020. Or before the vines are dispatched if purchased after that date. The deposit is refundable only if we  are successful in selling those vines to another buyer . All goods remain the property of The Vine House (UK) Ltd until paid for in full.


We make every effort to arrange delivery on a date to suit the customer. But we cannot be responsible for delivery failure by the carrier. All deliveries are scheduled to be made before commencement of the second week in May. If you require a dispatch date after 7th May, there will be a storage charge payable of £2.00 per day.


Please inspect your vines on arrival. We aim to supply high quality plants, which are cold stored until dispatch. Any complaints about the condition of vines on arrival should be made as soon as possible and in any case within 3 days, in writing. The vines should then be repacked thoroughly, and returned within 7 days.


We are happy to offer advice about varieties, clones and rootstocks. The customer must then be responsible for their final selections, taking into account such factors as the site, soil, training methods and local climatic conditions.


Our nurseries go to great lengths to produce strong healthy plants. They buy their graft wood and rootstock material from virus tested stock, controlled by the state (French German etc). They store the grafting material in disinfectant, and have a rigorous program of fungicide sprays. Throughout all nurseries much attention is paid to looking for any signs of disease by nursery staff; as an infection within a nursery containing millions of young plants would be devastating. It is therefore in their interest to operate to even higher standards than those set out in law, though no nursery is able to completely guarantee vines free from all fungal pathogens, once planted.


All our imported root stock and grafted plants are covered by “The European Plant Passport scheme. This is a guarantee (“phyto-sanitary certificate”) that the plants are free from all dieses including xylella, trunk disease, fan leaf, leaf roll, and marble leaf disease.  Vines will be supplied with their original passports, giving details of the grower, variety, clone and rootstock. Please retain these passports.


Complaints about plant health, vines not true to type, or complaints of any other nature must be reported in the first growing season. Our liability in the event of any complaint will be limited to providing replacements at the start of the second season, or at our discretion a partial refund of the original cost of the vines. All other claims, including consequential loss, are specifically excluded.

Please note that some modern varieties are protected, and that you must not under any circumstances propagate them, or allow anyone else to do so. Protected varieties include Acolon, Bianca, Johanniter, Orion, Phoenix, Regent, Rondo, Solaris, Muscat Bleu and Polo Muscat.

Note on BREXIT Our prices are correct at time of quoting, though any additional import trade tariffs (due to Brexit) are not quoted in any of our prices.


You are required to register your plantings if they exceed 0.1 hectares (around 300 vines), with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) (  The FSA Wine Standards Team can help with regulations and support you in complying with legal requirements pertaining to vineyards and wine making. They do ask from time to time that we share contact details for new vineyard plantings with them. In purchasing vines from us you are agreeing for your details to be shared with the Food Standards Agency.