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The Vine House UK Ltd is a specialist supplier of top quality, virus tested grafted grapevines to a wide range of customers mainly in the U.K. We import vines for all sizes of vineyard with special help for those just starting. All our imported root stock and grafted plants are covered by The European Plant Passport scheme, a “phyto-sanitary certificate” that confirms plants are free from disease including xylella, trunk disease, fan leaf, leaf roll, and marble leaf disease. 

All our vines are plant pass-ported and sourced from our trusted growers in Germany, Luxembourg and the major vineyard areas of France, especially Burgundy and Champagne. We stoc


The Vine House UK Ltd has been supplying vines in the UK for more than twenty five years and sold over 1,500,000 to date. Our regular customers include some of the major multi and international award winning English vineyards as well as specialist vineyard retailers, and several major horticultural wholesale companies.

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