Trellising Turntable

Make rolling out wire easy with this collapsible turntable.

£99.00 +VAT.

(£130.80) including VAT & Delivery

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Plant Part Mesh Guards

Black mesh guard.jpg

The Plant Part Mesh Guards are made

from polythene mesh at the top to

allow light and moisture through,

but also to protect from browsing

animals, and are solid at the bottom

to protect from chemicals when

spraying. Planet Mesh Guards are

lightweight, and easy to handle.

Either secure with  with 2 bamboo

canes in opposite corners

or a training rod.  From £0.56p + VAT and delivery

Metal Catch Wire Posts

Catch Wire Posts UK made posts are 2mm steel which are heavier duty than imported ones.

£9.50 each plus vat. (£11.88) 

End posts with fixing kit £22.00 plus VAT (27.50)

Delivery is at cost, depends on order size  & weight.

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